“Hugh Hysell holds a unique place as a marketer in our field with his varied experience from events, to partnerships and promotions, to his expertise in ticketing and sales channels. Hugh is indeed a welcome addition to our landscape!” - Eva Price, Broadway Producer of Maximum Entertainment


“I’m personally thrilled that Hugh is bringing his marketing brilliance back to Broadway. The industry desperately missed his daring, visionary and award-winning marketing concepts these last few years. We happily welcome him back!” - Daniel Kuney, co-founder of Broadway Theatrical General Management company Jumpstart Entertainment 


“Hugh has a history of creative solutions to extending marketing reach without spending too much cash. I wish him ‘Break a Leg’ on Hysell Marketing!”- Roger Gindi,  Broadway Producer and General Manager, Gindi Theatrical Management


"Hugh is a brilliant innovator with unlimited energy and imagination, and it's a great thing for the industry to have him back!” - Peter Breger, President of the Off Broadway Alliance


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