Currently seeking "Broadway Stories" as research for book project

If you have worked in the Broadway industry, please share your story! 

I am currently conducting research for a book about the many careers on Broadway that are not mentioned within college theater programs as potential careers. The working title is "150 Big Careers on Broadway: The Secret Job Market Not Taught In College."  If you wish to offer your own story as research for this book, please share your story by clicking on the button below.

The Mission of 150 Big Careers on Broadway: The Secret Job Market Not Taught In College:
1) Expose high school and college students with a passion for theater to the huge number of fulfilling and important career options on Broadway, most of which are not mentioned in college theater settings. 
2) Convince parents that a degree in theater does not mean a life of poverty. 
3) Help young theater professionals transition into careers that might match their own specific life skills and personalities.
4) Assist anyone with a love for the theater find a match to a meaningful career within their passion. 

In the book, I hope to educate the reader about options. I will be diving into the huge number of careers within the Broadway industry. I'll identify successful people in each position, and conduct interviews which offer the reader an insight into the the subject's work history (learning how they reached their success) plus discovering the necessary life skills and personalities that tend to be a great fit for their line of work. I will also ask interviewees to offer career advice to the newcomer who wants to enter their profession. My hope is to capture the subject's personality and the deep passion they exude for their careers. 

Given my own transition from musical theater performer to marketer and producer (and then bringing performance back into the circle of things I do that make me very happy) I realize that I have been very fortunate to discover a multi-faceted career, all within my theatrical passion. 

So, if YOU work/have worked in the Broadway industry and wish share your own "Broadway Story" for my research, please take my short survey HERE, or contact me at 

Thanks so much!!

- Hugh Hysell